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San Jose Succotz Festival

San Jose Succotz Festival

It is no secret that many of the traditions and beliefs in Belize are what make the renowned jewel so colorful. From internationally-acclaimed river races to grand art festivals, the cultural customs keep Belize, Belize. The San Jose Succotz Festival is yet another significant seam in the unorthodox tapestry that makes up our country.

There is no shortage of festivals in Belize (what can we say? We like to party!) but the Succotz Festival takes on a deeper meaning as the village celebrates their patron saint, Joseph. The event takes place every April, combining cultural marimba music and traditional cuisines people have come to know and love. Located in the mountainous Cayo District, the village of San Jose Succotz is mostly known for hosting the eminent Maya site of Xunantunich. Cradled by the Mopan River, Succotz has been a Maya community for many decades. This heritage is honored along with the patron saint during the festival.

The festival usually lasts for three days and a myriad of activities are carried out throughout this time. Activities include musical performances, cultural performances, and sporting activities.

Apart from being a merry sight, these activities carry a lot of cultural weight for the village. For instance, the San Jose Succotz Queen serves as the village’s ambassador; the dances – like the Hog Head dance – represent traditions passed down through generations, and of course the food is authentically Succotz, like tamales and bollos.

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