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Burrell Boom Castleton Derby

Burrell Boom Castleton Derby

One of the most treasured Easter activities in Belize is the yearly Castleton horse race held in Burrell Boom, Belize district. The Castleton Derby culminates the long weekend, taking place on Easter Monday. Burrell Boom village is known for its horse races, and on Easter Monday spectators from across the country – or even beyond – drive down to Castleton Race Track to indulge in classic Belizean cuisines as they cheer for their favorite jockey & horse duo. The horses are Belizean bred, and captivated fans watch the dust rise into the air as competitors vie for grand prizes.

The adrenaline-fueled day is a breeding ground for fun as families in sunhats sit at the edge of their stadium seat watching the race. Children are fascinated by the majestic creatures as they fly around the track; adults socialize with friends while enjoying the famous rice and beans, and many agree it’s the perfect way to end the Easter holiday! The event seems to be both energetic and nice way to wind down after celebrating all weekend.

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