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Chocolate Festival of Belize

Chocolate Festival of Belize

As if one food festival in May wasn’t enough, the annual Chocolate Festival of Belize is celebrated every year in late May. The event is a perfect excuse to visit the diverse southern region of Belize, namely the town of “Peini” Punta Gorda. Dubbed the ‘chocolate capital of Belize,’ Punta Gorda knows how to throw a sweet party when it comes to all things chocolate. Yes, a whole festival just for your favorite cheat snack. Need we say more?

The festival pays homage to the one fruit that was used as currency once upon a time: cacao. In fact, the event was initially named the Toledo Cacao Festival before changing later on. Now, the event has evolved into local chocolatiers, from all over Belize, displaying their goods, from desserts and dishes to local artisan crafts being sold. The festival is said to promote sustainable tourism throughout the district. Competitions, family-friendly activities and musical shows encompass the event. The high-energy fest culminates at the sacred Maya site of Nim Li Punit. It’s hard to miss out on an experience that will not only delight your taste buds but let you see first-hand the beauty of the Maya culture.

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