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Belize Independence Day

Belize Independence Day

Patriotic unity peaks on the horizon, as the wave of red, white and blue signals Belize into its “Independence Day Anniversary”, September 21st!

With authenticity at its core, get swept away by the jovial vibes that only Belize’s national September Celebrations offers…

Travel to Belize City for a full day of activities, starting with the official ceremonies, a colorful street parade, and indulge in all the local foods at the Street Bram!

There’s much to-do on Independence Day, September 21st, and wherever you find yourself in Belize City or any other region of the country, you are guaranteed a memorable time! The official events normally include the Official Independence Day Ceremonies and a parade.

Indulge in the staple dishes of Belize that are infused with the succulent local flavors during this month-long of festivities. Highlights include: “Orange Walk’s Carnival Road March”, “Jouvert” and the “Battle of St. George’s Caye”!

Belize beckons adventure, and its rich history is an equal allurement. From our Maya Ancestry to our former British Colony to the historic Garifuna Settlement, we are one country with many cultures, including Mestizo and Creole. Join in our celebrations!

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