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There’s a reason there’s such a thing as ‘hidden gems,’ and Big Rock Falls is the prime example of this. Tucked into the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve this waterfall literally prompts your jaw to drop once you lay eyes upon it. Magnificent, monumental and massive, Big Rock stands tall with a small pool at the bottom of it, flowing into a bigger cenote that rushes over large rocks (hence, the name.)

After numerous wooden stairways plunging into the forest, you will arrive at the bottom where the 150-foot waterfall stands. After all those steps, launching yourself off a rocky cliff into the pool is just what you need. If you’d rather a more relaxing entrance, simply wade amongst the rocks before dipping into the big cenote at the foot of the falls. Big Rock suits both adrenaline-junkies (diving from the cliff), or relaxation lovers (wading or lying on the rocks.) Since it’s deep within the reserve you are sure to have most of the place to yourself, a great opportunity to appreciate nature’s creations close at hand.

You can either spend a half day enjoying the chilling water of Big Rock or after spending a couple of hours head on over to Rio on Pools, which is nearby.

Stretching between the twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena, the Macal River is as much an icon as the Hawkesworth Bridge that towers over it. The river has long been a gathering point for residents and visitors to the area who flock to soak in its waters almost year round. The banks of the river make for a perfect picnic or barbecue location. Being easily accessible, families often gather on the weekend to spend a half day sharing food, laughter and unwinding.

Getting here is only part of the fun! Located within the magnificent Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve, the Rio On Pools is scenic, with its granite rocks and ledges that form the most aesthetic waterfalls and fresh-water pools. The river-banks feature the perfect picnic locations with excellent views of the area. Make sure to take your cameras and bathing suits!

Not to be confused with the Great Blue Hole, St. Herman’s Blue Hole National Park has a natural turquoise pool that’s part of a river system. Great for a nice swim, the area is surrounded by moss and lush vegetation.

When you’re finished taking a dip, head into the St. Herman’s cave to explore. This cave isn’t for the faint of heart, and a guide must accompany you. If this seems like too much, no worries, swimming is fun for everyone.


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